It's a Matter of Growth

The Internet of Things has enormous potential for increased productivity and sustainability in food and pharmaceuticals production.

The Food Challenge

Megatrends such as ongoing urbanization and neo-ecology will lead to a shortage of agriculture cropland and increasing prices for arable land. To feed the world of tomorrow, new concepts are needed – and they are needed soon. 

The OSRAM Urban Digital Farming Solution

IoT will be a key element of the smart farm of the future: a farm that is fully automized and equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and individual lighting control. Plants will be treated individually regarding size, taste, and color with the help of artificial intelligence.

OSRAM has created an IoT solution that allows optimization of plant growth in smart farms. The solution combines plant status data with environmental data to derive and deploy light recipes influencing plant growth in accordance with the grower’s objectives.

Growth Acceleration

Optimize plant growth in accordance with your demand through light recipes.

Operation Insights

Optimize your farm operations by combining your experience with data analytics.

Taste Boost

Provide your customers with a product of unprecedented level of taste and quality experience.

The Technical Realization

The smart farming solution is a complete end-to-end IoT solution leveraging LIGHTELLIGENCE® as IoT backbone. Here's how it works in more detail:

  • Real time plant status data is collected by environmental and optical sensors
  • Via an edge gateway, sensors and intelligent lighting control are connected to the platform
  • LIGHTELLIGENCE® collects data and calculates AI-driven light blends
  • The Smart Farming App provides insights on the current status of the plant, canopy and farm (using LIGHTELLIGENCE® features for analytics and dashboarding)
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