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LIGHTELLIGENCE® opens the door to new use cases across a variety of application fields within the light and building market. Have a look at examples on how LIGHTELLIGENCE® supports IoT use cases today and get inspired.

Smart Office

Get the best out of your workspace: with LIGHTELLIGENCE® as the backbone for IoT solutions that optimize space utilization, increase productivity through human-centric lighting, and cut down costs with predictive maintenance. Explore VISN by OSRAM , the smart workspace management solution that identifies real-time availability and utilization of workspaces.

Smart Industry

Boosting operational efficiency at industrial sites. LIGHTELLIGENCE® as a future-proof IoT toolkit cuts down the energy consumption of lighting infrastructure. Increase workplace safety and optimize warehouse logistics.

Smart Retail

Illuminate the customer’s journey. LIGHTELLIGENCE® helps to create IoT solutions that target consumers with real-time, data-driven advertisements and launch location-based marketing campaigns.

Smart Farming

Urban farming made smarter: the LIGHTELLIGENCE® platform optimizes plant growth using intelligent plant analytics and data-driven light control.

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