An IoT Platform for the Light and Building Market

Focus on value creation instead of managing the necessities. LIGHTELLIGENCE® is tailored to the needs of IoT evangelists within the light and building ecosystem. We provide the IoT toolkit so you can accelerate your solution and application development. 

An IoT Platform to Create an Open Ecosystem

We believe that the key to success for IoT in the light and building market lies in an open ecosystem. Hence, LIGHTELLIGENCE® is defined by open interfaces on all levels, making new ways of collaboration and value creation possible while avoiding system silos.

Radically Open

LIGHTELLIGENCE® is an open system: for all devices, all applications, all IoT platforms.

Boosting Efficiency

IoT developers are able to slash development times by up to 70%. Meaning you are in the market that much faster.

Reducing Costs

The multi-tenant concept, efficient resource management, and data concepts will significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

Always State-of-the-Art

Profit from automated updates regarding security, features and standards.

Full Scalability

Resources and functions are based on micro-services: additional instances can be easily created and load balanced.

Superior Flexibility

LIGHTELLIGENCE® is based on flexible and modular building blocks – not monolithic IoT architecture. 

Discover what is possible with LIGHTELLIGENCE®

LIGHTELLIGENCE® helps to create IoT solutions that make an impact. Get inspired by a selection of success stories.

“We want to exploit the full potential of IoT for us, but also for our partners and customers in the light and building ecosystem. With LIGHTELLIGENCE®, we have created the technical foundation to open up new fields of application together, in a simple and affordable way. The rest comes down to imagination and intelligence.”

Dr. Thorsten Müller, Group Senior Vice President Innovation and Innoventures

Benefit from More Than 100 Years of Expertise in Light Management.

A History of Innovation

OSRAM has been a successful driver of innovation for more than 100 years.

The Future of Innovation

Future innovation will rely increasingly on integrating with software, networks and IoT platforms.

Market Access

OSRAM profits from a strong market entry point that plays to both our strengths and our heritage.

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